Translation Services

Since its inception, Izumi has concentrated on developing methods and tools to streamline the translation process, simultaneously incorporating quality into each step of its operations.

We employ the latest software tools for generating glossaries, translation memory in order to enable faster turnaround times & consistency in output. All our translators can access and utilize our global knowledge pool and resource bank.

Above all, we place maximum stress on our internal review processes so as to ensure maximum accuracy in relevance and context.

Our network of Consultants the world over include translation agencies, freelance translators, localization experts and web design companies who support us in offering several other value added services for your translations.

SOFTWARE LOCALIZATIONSoftware Localisation for your multi language, multi platform projects. This includes localizing materials to client specifications with engineering support, compilation and testing.

WEBSITE LOCALIZATIONWebsite Localisation which will enable you to customize your websites and cater to the unique aspects of your target audience.

ENGLISH PROOFREADING AND EDITING SERVICESEnglish Proof Reading and Editing Services which are offered specifically for the Japanese market to enable our clients to maximize and attune their presence to a global market.

VOICE OVER RECORDING Voice Over Recording which includes the services of native voice artists, video dubbing and sound engineers and can be delivered in any computer media format.