Quality & Care

Since its inception, Izumi has concentrated on developing methods and tools to streamline the translation process, simultaneously incorporating quality into each step of its operations.

  • When the assignments require translation from English to another language, Izumi ensures quality by employing native translators well versed in the nuances of the language concerned.
  • We employ the latest software tools for generating glossaries, translation memory etc in order to enable faster turnaround times & consistency in output.
  • Above all, we place maximum stress on our internal review processes so as to ensure maximum accuracy in relevance and context.

Spectrum of fields covered and Panel

Software related manuals & User Strings, Technical specifications or user interfaces, chemical patents, legal documentation & agreements, automotive industry user manuals, advertisements, websites, brochures & company profiles, architectural drawings, statutes & laws, online commercial databases, new business proposals, business correspondence and literary works.

Our panel comprises of In-house and freelance language professionals who brings their collective expertise and experience into every assignment that we undertake and our quality services will ensure that the flow of information from one language to another is smooth and precise.